Hello Everyone!

As you can see I’m new, this entry is just to say hello to everyone who visits and to vent some recent frustrations.
In my country we are not so recently going through an… I’m not sure what to call it…”irregular” face, our current goverment is trying to close our minds by shutting down our ways of comunication and freedom of speach, we the student comunity are in a uproar as you can clearly see on foreign media, we are protesting everyday for our right to choose and our right to think freely. Needless to say I tooks a little time out and created this account to my many ramblings (one for every mood), that I hope we can share! =)

Hopefully I’ll meet new people and hear diffrent opinions for every matter! I’m all ears!.


PS.: Here are some pics of last Friday’s Protest.

06/01 Protest06/04 Protest1


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