Happy Halloween!

I’ve gotta say, Halloween is not a holiday that I particularly celebrate because is not something that is celebrated in my country (Venezuela), but as I’ve learned recently it is actually a celtic celebration and that’s pretty awesome since my family has some celtic roots hiding somewhere. Now personally I’m not very superstitious but my god there a lot of crazy people out there, and I actually saw quite a few of them today…

On another note/rambling or whatever, I just read "The Sound of Waves" by Yukio Mishima and what a beautiful book!, it’s a romance novel that personally I think everyone should read, no matter the age. Right now I’m reading "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón a Spaniard and so far I’m enjoying it.

Speaking of books, I hate the fact that I can not find any Star Wars Novel in Venezuela, wich sucks since we have an exchange control thing with dollar that I’ve never hated more in my life, well I’ve never really new hate until our current President arrived so…I’d rather not get into that…The fact is I can’t by Star Wars novel in Amazons at least not this years and that sucks since I have to find out what happens on line and I hate that I love reading things!…ugh….I’m stressed!!! And not because of that, we’re working on some remodel lings on the apartment and is taking a little more time than expected and a lot more money that we don’t really have…and college is driving me crazy but not more than the expected so is all good there >,<

See you later…



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