Pushing Daisies Canceled

So now we know for sure that Pushing Daisies has been canceled, and I have to say that just sucks. I totally fell in love with this show from the moment I saw the first episode, I don’t understand why people did not watch it, and to top it all apparently the last episode is going to leave us with a cliffhanger…the good news is that Bryan Fuller is planing to crate a comic that to my knowledge will pick up where the show left of, and he’s also thinking of making a movie, fro all of the fans of the show all I can say is lets keep our fingers cross and maybe it won’t take that long… The good news is that now that Bryan Fuller has left Pushing daisies he’ll probably return to Heroes so that’s a plus he’s one of the most ingenious writers out there he’s mostly at fault for the first season of Heroes and that was amazing!


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