Thoughts! o_O

Ok, so I just watched a movie called the Adjustment Bureau and the movie was fine, a really good watch. I like that it dwells on fate and what we like to consider inevitability… up to a point of curse. We consider ourselves capable of fighting it when we rally want something. But what this particular rant dwells on is the fact that apparently only those deserving get to accomplish the winning part of the deal. So my question is : what qualifies you as worthy? Do you have to stand out first? Or; and here is the tricky part; can you just be average and still qualify? In the movie the guy that challenges fate is a politician; I know, but bare with me here; a guy that amongst the others stand outs for being young and authentic; people apparently found that to be a refreshing quality, I consider my opinion to be jadedly biased when it comes to politics so I’ll refrain form voicing it; but as it turns out the very young politician was in his way to become the next president so he wasn’t really average… Then he meets this girl and they have been destined to fall in love in past lives as well, so again they’re not average…
All I say is are the rest of us “average” people undeserving? Let’s face it the majority of us won’t become presidents, and the majority of us won’t even stand out, we’ll just live our “normal” lives as; and I think is not too presumptuous of me to say; filling… The most real and scientific part of me says this is not so, and the most self deprecating part says I’ll never find out!


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