Everyone’s a writer



“Back in the day, we became writers through the laying on of hands. Some teacher who we worshipped touched our shoulder, and this benediction saw us through a hundred defeats. And then an editor smiled on us and wrote us a check, and our babies got shoes. But in the New Era, writers will be self-anointed. No passing of the torch. Just sit down and write the book….” –excerpt from “When Everyone’s a Writer, No One Is” by Prairie Home Companion host (and one of my personal heroes) Garrison Keillor.

During college, I found myself in the coveted position of being an encouraged and semi-professional writer. I was commissioned, assigned, and sometimes published. Teachers and peers were reading my work and challenging it and liking it and giving it A+++s. Upon graduation I felt pretty confident in my body of work. I had a nice collection of essays, magazine features…

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