Warning Labels


The View From A Slightly Twisted Angle

I’m a mom. I understand the feeling of wanting everyone to be safe at all times, but has anyone else noticed how over the top warning and caution labels have become?  I understand that we wouldn’t need warning labels were it not for the fact that everyone is lawsuit happy, but seriously? What ever happened to common sense?  Apparently it isn’t common any more.  Or we don’t think it is common and we don’t want to be sued.  Here are some of my favorite caution labels:

1. Coffee Cup Lids: “Caution: Contents May be Hot”  Unless I ordered it iced, it better be!  Okay I know this one was caused by a lawsuit. What I don’t understand is how it didn’t get laughed out of court.

2. On Plastic Bags: “Could Cause Suffocation. Plastic Bag is not a Toy”  That just means that you need to toss all…

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