A Layman’s Review – iPad Mini LTE

Very nice review. Great job.


9 December 2012, Singapore – The Metropolitant Team finally received our iPad Mini LTE . Seizing this opportunity, we give you our take on Apple’s latest tablet.

First look, the iPad Mini does not evoke the same excitement as my previous iPad purchases because it adopts the same outlook like the rest of the iPad family. Aesthetically, it is merely a shrunken down version of the 9.7-inch iPad but commanding premium dollars to own one.

However, once you take it out of the box, it silenced my earlier unenthusiastic mood. The iPad Mini is so light (312g for the LTE version), and its size (width: 134.7 mm, height: 200 mm and thickness: 7.2 mm) fits nicely to be held by one hand for a relatively long use (my travel from City Hall to Bishan on the MRT). Adopting the iPhone 5 black brushed aluminum finish for the back panel, gave it…

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