Great article by Emiliana Duarte

Caracas Chronicles

I’m officially on day one of the crazy train. Rationality, for the time being, has been gladly tossed aside. If you’re like me, I’m happy to know we’re mostly on the same page.

During last year’s Primaries, I worked for a candidate other than Capriles. So it took some ego-checking and some willfull flexing of the whole “we´re-supposed-to-favor-the-common-good-for-the-sake-of-unity” muscle to get me fully on board the Autobus del Progreso. But eventually, it happened.

Last year, when I last went crazy, I went through the requisite steps: I bought the hat, I signed up to volunteer, I actually, truly, genuinely imagined the unprecedented possibility that Capriles might win.

Every time I stopped to question his electoral message, when I did not hear from him what I wanted to, I inevitably got the same answer: “tú no eres el target.”

True enough. Yo no soy el target.

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